Just a Girl, Standing in Front of a Town – Asking it to Love Her


Hello, and welcome! It was a few weeks ago that I found myself striking up a random conversation with a tourist in lovely downtown Santa Barbara. When I told her that I have lived here my entire life, being the second generation born here, she exclaimed how “amazing it must be to have all the time in the world to explore all this town has to offer!”

I feel a little bad saying this, but it honestly wasn’t until that moment that it truly hit home that yes, I AM very lucky to call America’s Riviera my home! There are so many wonderful and unique characteristics to this town – the people, the food, the crafts, and the general pulse of the town – that make it a highly sought after travel destination for people from all over the world.

So, it was then that I decided to give my personal impression of my town and all that it has to offer. I intend to share as many aspects as possible about the culture, things to do and see for all ages, and the artistic side of the town as well. I will review a new subject, establishment, product, etc each week that to me, represents Santa Barbara.

I so look forward to sharing this beautiful, at times dichotomous, engaging town that I call home with you dear readers in the days and weeks to come.

SB Brit


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